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ISO perfect piece of furniture.........

Hello, this is Sarah Kambouris and today I would like to talk about about the perfect piece for your home. I am going to reveal why most of our customers come to us. Also, why finishing an item is my favorite part of the unfinished furniture purchase.

Many people come to us because they have been looking for weeks, months and even say years for a particular item that they have not been able to find for their home. Why you may ask? Well, firstly most furniture on the market being sold is finished. Yes, that may be convenient however pre-finished items are exactly that. You may find the exact configuration, size and even style but is only comes in stark white, black or a dark brown which none would match your home. So, what do you do? Search the next furniture store or online store and you repeat the cycle week after week, and month after month until someone reminds you of about the " unfinished furniture store," and how "it may be better to go there and get a piece to match your current furniture." BINGO.

So, why is finishing my favorite part of unfinished furniture? Well, it is when the item comes to life. When that piece my customer has been searching for becomes theirs. At this point, you as a customer have already have chosen a piece that is your style that fits your specifications and/ or need. You have already purchased it knowing it be a great addition to your home. All that is left is to personalize it and make it match your home whether is be paint, stain, two-tone, clear coat and/or distressed. Honestly the options are truly endless when finishing an unfinished item. One of many things I often hear is, " we have had my daughters/sons furniture since she/he was a baby but we need to get her/him a new dresser for all her/his clothes now and we want to match what we currently have," "I have a hutch that my grandmother gave me and I want to get a new dining set and wanted to se if I can match it to her hutch," and "we already have tv console which matched our entire living room set but we just bought a bigger tv and we need to get a larger console, can you match it to our other furniture? YES we can, or we can help direct you to D-I-Y.

Come in today or call us if you have any questions!


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